by Tony Pierce

Thursday, July 28, 2005

interview with tomdog

tom is buzznet's shinning star. if you have a buzznet strip there are great odds that he has commented on a pic or two.

or if you went to ucsb during the grunge years you heard him and his band Rogue Cheddar doing it right

in this twenty minute part one interview he talks about Western Mass, and a tad about buzznet

part two coming soon.

UPDATE: part two is here (45 minutes)


Blogger timmay!!!!! said...

had nooooo idea about that nerve person ...

meanwhile, a guy by the name of tim sullivan was the former president of ....

if you know of that nerve girl's e-mail address, i need to write to her and tell her about three bad experiences i had with nerve (and one good one) ....

tree roots mingle ....

9:41 PM

Anonymous anthony said...

nice job. Tony you talk alot.

5:30 PM

Blogger marc brown said...

Anthony -- its a "talk show".
But Tony, i think you need to add some tunes -- say like Rogue Cheddar.

Thanks for the kind words TDog and Tony!

10:30 PM

Blogger timmay!!!!! said...

may have to cancel that connecticut appearance in favor of severe drunken debauchery in LA ... perhaps we could all meet in el segundo ... or anti's place ... or van nuys ... or marc's place ... or chatsworth ... or the playboy mansion ...

or something something something ....

8:54 PM

Blogger Creechen Of The Night said...

I am gonna check that crap out.
Mama talked about Rouge Cheddar..

10:30 PM


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